Say goodbye to systems integration

Virtualstock thinks creatively, disrupting the existing landscape of traditional systems integrators.

The Edge displaces established unwieldy systems providers, unable to implement rapid, affordable solutions to support ever-changing challenges and initiatives. 

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Understanding that costly and time consuming Systems Integration (SI) can no longer support the challenges faced by today's multichannel world, Virtualstock has spent the last ten years, creating a completely new way in allowing data to flow between any network of systems and platforms, delivering scalable, rapid, controlled management of all data – without ANY interference to existing systems. 

Agile product information management

Super Pim

Product information lies at the heart of every retail operation. Super PIM has the ability to consume any amount of data, in any format, from any source, creating one validated, centralised repository for all product data that can be leveraged across even the most complex omnichannel landscape.



The Edge delivers game-changing functionality, taking product information, from any location and in any format; mapping, converting and validating that data, to fit any required format. All product information, from all channels, can now be viewed in one single repository, providing an accurate, centralised point from which to manage a successful and seamless supply chain.

Retailers can finally take control of their data management. All data within The Edge can be managed and utilised to give a competitive advantage. Product information, including descriptions, rich images, video and audio files are rapidly formatted for publishing to multiple outputs.

With this level of flexibility and accuracy the need to manually handle data is eliminated. Data flows with integrity throughout the organisation from stores, suppliers, merchandising, IT, marketing etc.

Seamlessly integrates to existing systems

  • No integration to existing systems
  • Normalised data repository, published to any output
  • Reduce costs incurred by unnecessary, manual data handling
  • Faster time to market across all channels 
  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity

Transparent Order Management System


Many Order Management Systems remain in the dark ages without the functionality and flexibility to support a growing, complex and in many cases international, multichannel supply chain. In fact, it's true to say that many existing OMS solutions were created prior to today’s dynamic list of business initiatives and challenges.



The Edge provides total support of current and future initiatives, delivering an agile, scalable, end-to-end solution. Retailers are given total visibility and complete control of the entire order life cycle. All order updates, from all fulfilment locations, including 3rd party suppliers, stores, warehouses and DCs are communicated to the retailer, enabling a rapid and precisely informed response to the consumer, improving and enhancing the overall buying experience.

Retailers are finally equipped with the tools to manage the complexities of a global, multichannel supply chain, completely aligning the online and offline channels. With visibility all the way through to track and trace to the global consumer's door, retailers are able to proactively, pre-empt and notify the consumer of any unforeseen delays. This is modern, agile, order management.

  • No integration to existing systems
  • View and manage orders from any point within the supply chain
  • Remain in complete control throughout the order process
  • Pre-empt unforeseen consumer delivery delays
  • Enhance the customer experience

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