Game Changing Technology

A seamless supply chain has always underpinned a successful retail strategy. In the multichannel environment of today it is now critical to success.

One View

Total Supply Chain Visibility

The well-informed customer of today comes equipped with mobile access to a wealth of shopping information. In the competitive landscape, purchases are made without any knowledge of the retailer’s often complex, multichannel supply chain. Managing the consumer’s high expectations of the shopping experience is key in order for retailers to gain the competitive advantage.

VS OneView M 

The Edge delivers a consistent approach, fully supporting the retailer, providing one accurate view of all stock, in all channels. All inventory within a retailer’s complex network of stores, suppliers, warehouses and distribution centres can now be viewed in one centralised location.

With total visibility of all inventory levels across all channels, retailers are able to coherently unify the online and offline worlds. All stock is optimised, orders are intelligently fulfilled from any location within the supply chain and the consumers’ expectations of a consistent experience across all channels are exceeded. 


Eliminate Supply Chain Difficulties

  • Real–time inventory management
  • Optimisation of all stock
  • Support a responsive supply chain network
  • Efficiently trade throughout organisation
  • Provide seamless customer experience

Flexible Delivery Options: Bring Online Traffic to the High Street

The mobile consumer of today now comes equipped with 24hr access to the global high street and for any retailer wishing to compete, connecting the offline and online channels becomes a vital initiative.

VS Devices new

The Edge supports a modern, multichannel strategy by seamlessly providing one, centralised, accurate, view of all product data, all order information and all inventory levels, from all channels; this includes physical stores, warehouses, 3rd party suppliers and distribution centres.

With this game-changing view, retailers now have the ability to make full use of all sales channels and all inventory, routing online orders to any designated point for fulfilment. The online and offline worlds are seamlessly connected.

Click and Collect

Maximise sales by offering consumers a real-time, rapid collection service for online orders.  With one view of all inventory, the retailer is in complete control, directing online orders for fulfillment to local ‘in stock’ stores.

Ship to Store

Optimise all inventory and increase in-store traffic by dispatching online orders from a network of warehouses, suppliers and distribution centres, to local stores for collection at a time and location to suit the consumer.

Ship from Store

Utilise all stock in all locations by seamlessly directing online orders for dispatch from local store level inventory and effectively converting stores into mini distribution centres. The consumer is offered greater choice, rapid dispatch and reduced delivery costs.

Eliminate offline and online difficulties

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Optimise all inventory, in all locations
  • Offer multiple, flexible delivery options
  • Eliminate lost sales caused by inaccurate ‘out of stock’ reporting
  • Drive traffic to stores

Total Connection - Harmonising Fragmented Systems

In a super-competitive landscape, retailers must overcome the confines of inflexible legacy systems if they are to develop and implement creative and strategic initiatives. Modern business goals have brought into focus the requirement to access, convert and validate the rafts of inaccessible data held in fragmented and siloed retail systems.

 VS TotalConnection new


The Edge has the flexibility and scalability to dramatically transform any retail IT infrastructure, breathing new life into otherwise limiting systems. Communication between any number of systems, suppliers and platforms is seamlessly coordinated, delivering scalable, controlled management of all essential data – without ANY interference to existing systems.

With The Edge at the heart of any retail operation, all systems work in complete harmony - ERP, CRM, WMS, Social Media, M-Commerce, shops, suppliers, web front end. This or any other complex combination that makes up a modern retail organistion can now deliver the business requirements necessary to compete effectively.

Eliminate The Confines Of Existing Systems

  • Connect entire business systems infrastructure
  • Transform inefficient legacy systems
  • Align IT capabilities with business goals
  • Gain valuable data insight
  • Leverage technology to achieve existing and future challenges

Agile Global Expansion

International Order Fulfilment

A growing initiative for modern, multichannel retailers is the task of selling globally without the costs and risks associated with developing new territories.

VS International M


Traditional international expansion comes with many complex and daunting challenges - managing content, orders, local ranges, languages, currencies and sell prices across multiple platforms all lie in wait. However, there can be no doubt that selling internationally provides a key opportunity for brands to grow their online business.

With one view of inventory levels in all international locations including retailers’ shops, own stores, warehouses and distribution centres, The Edge enables retailers to route online orders to local territories for rapid, cost effective fulfillment.

The Edge supports a global, multichannel strategy, providing retailers and brand owners with complete visibility and total control throughout the entire order life cycle, all the way to the global customer's door.

This is agile global expansion for modern retailers.

Eliminate Global Growth Difficulties

  • Sell into fast growing territories, through local, trusted retailers
  • Maintain consumer trusted brand status
  • Increase growth targets
  • Test new markets without traditional, associated risks
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with valued, global retailers

Sell More

Total Dropship Management

Dropshipping has become a vital addition to maximising online sales without the costs and risks associated with an increased stock holding. 

VS offer


By offering a wider assortment of products from a varied range of suppliers, retailers are able to dramatically expand their reach into new and existing markets, without the confines and costs associated with physical inventory.

The Edge delivers the complete dropship solution. Retailers can easily onboard and manage any number and any size of, automated or non-automated, third-party suppliers.  All product information, including rich data, is normalised, converted and validated to meet the retailers’ specific set of requirements. The added advantage of real-time inventory updates from all suppliers allows the retailer to apply decisive business rules, maximising all sales opportunities.

Delivering an end-to-end solution to fully support even the most complex of dropship strategies, The Edge provides complete visibility and total control of the entire order life cycle. Retailers are able to view every step of the process, pre-empting and notifying the consumer of any unforeseen delays. With visibility right the way through, to track and trace to the customer's door, the retailer remains in complete control throughout the journey.

Eliminate traditional Dropship Difficulties

• Eliminate manual data handling
• Dramatically reduce supplier on-boarding timeframes
• Rapidly offer a greater range of products
• Pre-empt order-processing delays
• Enhance the customer experience

Sell Online Without Conflict

Strengthen Partner Relationships

In an increasingly online world, brand owners face the complexity of selling their brand online, without upsetting their existing and established retailer list. 

VS OnlineHighSt M


In most cases, the brand’s website is the first port of call for many loyal consumers. However, high volume traffic is often not converted into sales, as many products are intentionally overpriced in order to avoid competing with existing stockists. The brand loses the online sale, along with the all-important consumer data.

The Edge provides brand owners with one, accurate, validated, view of all stock, in all selling locations, including authorised retailer stores. With this real-time view, the brand is able to accept and seamlessly direct online orders to local retail partners for fulfillment.

With full visibility of the order life cycle, brand owners are able to further enhance the customer experience by offering the consumer a varied range of delivery options - all in perfect harmony with the retail partner.

The brand retains the loyal consumer, the relationship with the retail partner is strengthened and the consumer journey is enhanced.

Eliminate brand Difficulties

  • Maintain consumer trusted brand status
  • Eliminate channel conflict
  • Offer multiple, flexible delivery options
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with valued retailers
  • Increase retailers’ spend by driving qualified traffic to local stores

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