How We Do It

Open standards and Frameworks

Our services are built on open-source standards and frameworks. Python is at the core of what we do. In addition to being a powerful programming language in its own right, as an open source platform, there are thousands of community developed modules that we use to add rapid functionality to our platform.

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Service oriented architecture

Our service oriented architecture approach allows us to provide a wide range of services without having to write thousands of lines of code. Drawing on experience gained over more than 10 years in the eCommerce space, shared services have been developed instead of repeating functionality in multiple areas of the product offering. In addition, standard interfaces are used to connect any number of 3rd party systems: from common eCommerce platforms to bespoke, legacy systems.

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It’s all about the data – not the interfaces

The best systems are ones that run on their own, with minimal support. This concept goes against the grain for systems integrators. Their most lucrative contracts are ones where the solution they deliver needs constant maintenance and support. Each of these activities allows the integrator to add to their fees.

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Let’s be very clear about one thing: the Virtualstock model does not rely on building complex interfaces that cost vast amounts of money to support and maintain. We are not interested in point-to-point solutions with no flexibility. The world changes fast. While others suggest prohibitively complex integration projects stopping transformations dead in their tracks, Virtualstock's intuitive approach enables positive change.

The power of our services is harnessed once data enters The Edge. Our agile, scalable approach enables businesses to embrace change and achieve ever developing initiatives. Complex and expensive systems integration projects become a thing of the past. Our clients have the ability to dramatically transform their business, taking on and succeeding with even the most complex of challenges.

This is a new way …

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